[3.85 GB] The Legend of the Blue Wolves / Ginga Teikoku No Metsubou Gaiden / Legend of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse (Yasunori Uranta / Kitty Media, Media Blasses, Phoenix Entertainment) (EP. 1 of 1) [UNCEN] [1996, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Yaoi] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

The Legend of the Blue Wolves / 銀河 銀河国 の 滅亡 · 滅亡 外伝 蒼き 狼 たち の 伝説 帝 帝 の の 滅亡 滅亡 滅亡 滅亡 蒼き 狼 狼 の 伝説 伝説 帝 の の の 滅亡 滅亡 滅亡 滅亡 狼 狼 狼 の 伝説 伝説 伝説 伝説 帝 滅亡 滅亡 123]
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Japan 日本国Nippon-Koku
Drama, Erotica, Magic, Romance, Mecha, Space, Yaoi
Yasunori Uranta
© 1996 Phoenix Entertainment
E In 2199 AD Overpopulation has Forced The Human Kind to Adapt in Other Planets. For Almost 100 Years The Human Race Has Thrived and Lived Happy In Their New Home. However Everything Ended the Day Humans Took Over Pluto; To the Humans Unfortunately Fate a New Race Was Discovered Known As The Apocalypse, A Creature That Uses The Human Brain As Source Of Knowledge And Energy for their Own Mechanical Bodies. Now The Humans.Must Fight in Order to Survive. AS A Last Resort The Humans Send Off Trained Soldiers in Order to Reestablish Pluto and Get Rid Of this New Threat to Mankind. AT The Base Lieutenant Jonathang The Main Characters Fall In Love After Many Tragic Events, However The Two New Lovers Were Forced to Go On Their Own Separate War …
R Action occurs in the XXII century. Humanity suffering from overpopulation and acute lack of natural resources, began to explore space. On other planets there were new colonies. However, after about 100 years, a certain force appeared, which people called the riders of the apocalypse. They are introduced into the body and turn a person into an obedient combat puppet. Against the background of these events, the romantic story is developingBy two pilots of the Cosmophlot, Lieutenant Jonathan Tiberius, who arrives for the exercises on the Ganymed, and his colleague by Leonard Steinberg.
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