[311.3 MB] My Summer in the Mountains at the Source / Boku No Natsuyasumi Himitsu Taiken / My summer in the mountains at the source (Complets / Complet’s) [Cen] [2004, Incest] [jap]

ボク 「なつやすみ」 たい たい けん / My Summer in the mountains at the source / boku no natsuyasumi himitsu taiken / My summer in the mountains at the source – year of production: 2004 Genre: Incest censorship: there is in the game Developer and Publisher: Complects / Complet’s-Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required – Language: Japanese
Type of translation: Text and sound Original
Interface language: Japanese-system requirements:
OS: Win98 / ME / XP
CPU: 233 MHz
Resolution: 800 * 600
HDD: 200 MB Description: – RUSSIAN:
Summer. Junpei suggests to go to his relatives. But since adults were against sending them alone for this reason, another 2e person went with them.
However, the problems arising at the last minute. Kazuko got sick. Kazuko says – “not freeCome on me, go. “
The idea was suspended in the end, but the Junpei chapter is going to travel alone ….
In the train car, moving to a hot source in the mountains of two roads …. upon arrival in The hotel, they were waiting for a beautiful woman in Kimono. Mistress Hotel Aunt Junpei Sakata Sati ….. Sakata had to get married to help her daughter, for the elderly man …..
This time, the head of “Ken Himitsutai” will be colorful ….-