[346.8 MB] Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke O / Becoming Your Lover / Maybe her petals – to become your beloved (Sakoi Masayuki, Chuchu) (Ep. 1) [Cen] [2010 Yuri, Drama, Romance, Students, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / POL / RUS]

その 花びら にくちづけ Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Obecoming Your Loveracks her petals – to become your beloved production: 2010 [07/30/2010]
Genre: Yuri, Drama, Romance, Students
Series: EP. 1
Duration: ~ 25 min
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Voice: Japanese Original
Language: Russian
Voice 1: Amateur (one-haired Comina)
Timing: Beonikol [123 ] Voice 2: Amateur (two-haired Oslikt & Marclail)
Sound Work: Arazu
Timing: Lonely_Dragon
Voice 3: Amateur (single-haired Vashmax2)
Sound work: olmy_ex
Subtitles: Polish Built-in disabled ASS / SSA
Subtitles: English external ASS / SSA
Subtitles: Russian [Time Code: Reddog, Translator: Volkofunk, Zlobny_sow] External ASS / SSA
Director: Sakoi MasaYuki / 迫井 政政
Original author: Fuguriya
Studio: Chuchu
Description: * Based on the Yuri Adult Visual Novel Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke O: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi, The Third in Fuguriya’s Series of Yuri Games UNDER THE SONO HANABIRA NI KUCHIZUKE O NAME.
REO IS Pretty Short and Has Silky Hair … in Short, She’s Cute. But Sometimes, She Can Be Really Obstinate. I’m Trying to Do My Best to Get Her to Get Along WE’RE BOTH HEADSTRONG WE ALWAYS END UP FIGHTING. It’s So Frustrating, Especially Since She CAN’t Do Anything Without Me Around!
But Whenever I Talk to Her, Reo Always Acts Like I’m Bothering Her. I Wonder If She Hates Me … But Thatn, Just WHEN IGot All depressed Reo Came Up to Me and Told Me, “You’ve Got It All Wrong! I Love You, Mai! I love you so much!” HER CONFESSION COMPLETELY TOOK ME By SURPRISE. COULD IT BE THAT I’m in Love with Reo Too!?
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Adaptation of the third series of the game Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchidzuke O – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi.
This is a story about May and reo. Sawaguchi Mai in every way trying to draw the attention of classmates, but all attempts are vain. And so, when May has already decided that it is not interesting to the girl, Reo unexpectedly confesses to her in love.
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