[398.3 MB] Ultimate Sex Adventure Kama Sutra / Kyuukyoku No Sex Adventure Kamasutra / Kamasutra (Masayuki Oozeki / Hanwool, Sanghai Animation, EG Film, Toho) (EP. 1 of 1) [Softcore] [1992, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

Kamasutra / Ultimate Sex Adventure Kama Sutra / Kyuukyoku No Sex Adventure Kamasutra

Year of release: 1992
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 43:20
Translation: English Dubbing, English Built-in (disabled) subtitles, Russian subtitles
Russian subtitles: External (SRT)
Censorship: No
Director: Masayuki Oozeki
Studio: Hanwool, Sanghai Animation, Eg Film, ToHO
Description: In the ancient Himalayas in the ice found a beautiful princess. Dr. Aikawa awakens a sensual princess to one known in a particular way. Now that a cute princess Surya returned to life begins the most interesting. Revised by Ryu, the son of Dr. Aikawa, decides that he must master all 48 positions of the ancient art of the love described in the classic Indian TexThose kamasutra. Soon he realizes how many troubles can wait for the beauty of the princess, and understands that he must protect it from the insidious representatives of the Indian cult – Clan Mali.
Extras. Information: Sound: Japanese and English, British and Russian subtitles (Softsab – i.e. disabled)
In the plot found original and rare combination of adventure romanticism, humor and the noble-majestic atmosphere of the ancient world. Love scenes were removed delicately and gently – without pornographic details. Thing for connoisseurs of aesthetic and high-quality hentai.
Quality: DVDRip
Format: OGM
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: OGG Vorbis
Video: Resolution 640 * 480 (4: 3), Div3 = DivX v3, 1140 kbps, 23.976 FPS
Audio: 2 channels, 0x674F = OGG Vorbis (Mode 1), 72 kbps, 48000 hz