[4.19 GB] Best of Kitty 3 / Best of Kitness 3 / Chimera / Sexorcist / My Fair Masseuse (Digital Works / Kazuhiro Mori) [UNCEN] [2001, Oral, Anal, Comedy, DVD5] [JAP / ENG]

Best of Kitty 3 / Best of Nature 3
Year of release: 2001
Country: Japan
Genre: Hentai, Oral, Anal, Comedy
Duration: 140 min
Translation: No
Translation options: English voice acting
Russian subtitles: no.
Censorship: No
Studio: Digital Works
Director: Kazuhiro Mori
Description: Chimera – Her Name IS Rei. HER CODE NAME: Chimera. The Dark Wasteland of The Underworld Is Her Home. People Call Her Many Things, But She Is Always Known AS An Angel of Death. Where Rei Treads, She Leaves Nothing But Death and Grief. An Expert Marksman, a Silent Assassin, And More Woman Than Meets The Eye, But Her Dark Secret Will Soon Be Exposed.
Sexorcist – by The Year 2114, The World Is Still A Very Dangerous Place. Although Technology Brought Some Remarkable Advances ToOUR WORLD, THOSE SAME DEVELOPMENTS ARE OFTEN USED FOR VICIOUS AND DEADLY CRIMES. Silhouettes – The Highly Advanced Robots That Can Be Controlled by Your
Thougohts, Even at a distance. Considered to Be One Of The Most Significant Breakthroughs of their Time, Their Purpose Has Been Twisted to Serve Those Whow Only Seek Money and Power. But Our Heroines, Rika and Sandy, Will Soon Put a Stop to That!
My Fair Masseuse – Times Are Hard for Moko, a Sexually Starved Young Woman Eager to Please Men Any Way Possible. She Just Wants A Job That Brings Her Pleasure and Some Money. So, Driven by Her Passion to Serve Mankind, And Encouraged by Her Friend, Our Heroine, Moko Sets Off to Become The Best Masseuse Ever! Little Does She Realize That In Her Efforts To Help Her Clienele Relax, She Would END Up Fullfilling Many of Their Sexual Fantasies As Well.