[4.32 GB] Urotsukidouji / Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidoji 2: Legend of The Demon Womb / Urozkidodzi: Return of the Superdemon (Hideki Takayama / Phoenix Animation, Digital Works) (EP 1-2 of 2) [UNCEN] [1991, Rape, Demons, Tentacles , Horror, SCI-Fi, DVD5] [JAP / RUS]

Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidoji 2: Legend of the Demon Womb / Urozkidodzi: Return of superdemonged release: 1991
Country: Japan
Genre: Rape, Demons, Tentacles, Horror, SCIFI
Duration: 2 EP, 49 min [123 ] Translation: Professional (multi-voiced, voice-over) / original Japanese soundtrack
Russian subtitles: yes
censorship: no
Director: Hideki Takayama
Studio: Phoenix Animation, Digital Works, West Cape Productions [123 ] Disc publisher: MC Entertainment
Description: This is what the prophecy found in the world of beversive: “If the Lord exists, then there is a devil. When the superdemon appears, the Lord of Chaos will rise.” Resurrected the powerful Deity of Chaos tried back in Nazi Germany to reverse the course of the war. But that attempt fell.Nowadays in Tokyo, ominous events occur, Amannoy Jiaku on the thoughts that someone decided to repeat the monstrous ceremony, giving infinite power. But it is impossible, if you first not destroy the superdemon …
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Animated menu
“Retrospective Tosio Maeda (filmography + interview)” (image format Retrospectives 16: 9)
Quality: DVD5
Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: AC3
Video: 720 * 480, 29.970 FPS, 5020 KBPS
Audio: 48 KHz, 5.1, 384 kbps