[4.36 GB] SERVANT Princess / Elfina / Elfina, Princess Customer (Ep. 1-2), Hiromi Yokoyama (EP.3), Ail, PinkPineApple) (EP 1-3 of 3) [UNCEN] [2004 , Fantasy, Rape, Humiliation, DVD5] [JAP / ENG]

SERVANT Princess
Elfina – SERVANT Princess
Elfina, Princess-maid
Year of production: 08/22/2003 TILL 23.01.2004 [ 123] Genre: Fantasy, Rape, Humiliation
series: EP 1-3 of 3
Duration: 3 episode for ~ 30 minutes
censorship: missing
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original [ 123] Language: English
Voice: Professional (full duplication)
Subtitles: yes
Director: Yoshitaka Fujimoto (EP. 1-2), Hiromi Yokoyama (EP.3)
Studio: AIL, PinkPineApple-Description:
The fabulous story about the death of the blooming kingdom and the subsequent death of the invaders. At the same time, according to the rules of the genre, the invaders died from suggestion.
Bad guys rule the ball, the young “Chingiz-Khan” Baisat, having exercised the lightning bLichitrig, overnight gets the whole kingdom and the main prize – the beautiful Princess Ehther. Now you can do well, stretching pleasure, use it all. The new king and engaged in the next couple of the series, with the mind and smelter inherent in him. Some of his verbal jokes of what are worth:
When Elven threatened to him suicide, he threatened the “ethnic clearance” of the capital from the inhabitants to arrange a “ethnic sweep” of the capital from the inhabitants and truth.
“You don’t want your former bridegroom to see you in Such a form? No problem! I’ll cut my eyes in the morning, he will not see you anymore. “
The first season final turned out to be very serious – the fun for the hero slowly passes when he is shown a warning from stepmother, and prophetic visions foreshadowing will be visited death. And the choice is not great: either waitThe visit of the Palace-Roda, or go to a meeting with superior opponent, which again will most likely lead to death.
Video quality: DVD5
Audio codec: AC3
Video: 720×480 (4: 3) 29.97 FPS 6100 KBPS
Audio 1: Japanese, 48Khz, 128 Kbps, 2 CH
Audio 2: English, 48Khz, 192 Kbps, 2 CH