[43.2 MB] [Comics] Lady in Okova. Lady In Chains (Translation from Drew Bras) [RUS, JPG]

Lady in the skies. Lady In ChainStip Distribution: Comics
Format: jpg
Language: Russian
Number of pages: 42
Resolution: 1240 x 1754
File size: 45 Mb
Released: 2006 [123 ] Author: Marc Borstel (Dofantasy.com)
First-source: With the personal permission of DREW BRAS (COMIXNARUSS.COM)
Description: Cutting a story that occurred in ancient times when the world of the magic and hordes of the barbarians. The witch Guy, the laddy of the five twilight kingdoms fell into a difficult situation, when neither her strength nor magic can do anything. Oh, damn, a little whole comic not told … Everything, finishing, see yourself.