[44.2 MB] [Misc] (Furry ART) 278 Fig. Eric Schwartz and M.Light CD’s [jpg / gif]

Eric Schwartz and M.Light CD’s
Discs of two wonderful fury artists.
General info:
Image format: JPG, GIF (GIF – not Animation)
Number of images: 278
Resolution: 640 * 832 (M.Light) and 990 * 700 (Eric Schwartz) [ 123] Eric Schwartz
Looking at his drawings, you understand that it does not know how to paint. In principle, it is practically no color work
, nevertheless, black and white works are very high-quality.
I would call him not that … Hmm … Pornographer – This artist is true Eroman. Having not shown by any scene of the copulation, he made the charming drawings, to take a look from which is readily readily.