[49.4 MB] [COMIX] Vincenzo Cucca Hot Charlotte – VOLUME # 01 / Hot Charlotte (Vincenzo Cucca, www.drugstoru.com) [Softcore, Beach, Straight, Lingerie] [jpg] [FRA]

Vincenzo Cucca Hot Charlotte – Volume # 01 / Hot Charlotte
Author: Vincenzo Cucca
Website Publisher: www.drugstoru.com
Distribution type: COMIX
Genre: Softcore, Beach, Straight, Lingerie
Language: French
Page Resolution: 1920 x 2645,
Number of pages: 54
Format: JPG
Description: Vincenzo Dick Vincenzo Cucca collaborated with the world famous MARVEL Comic Studio over numbers Comics “Shehulk” (from 31 to 34).) Currently, he teaches at the International Comic School in Florence. Hot Charlotte – VOLUME # 01- Love adventures of three girls.