[5.34 GB] New Amazons / New Amazons (EXE-Soft, GFI / Russobit-M) [Uncen] [2006, DVD PG, Strategy, SLG, ADV, Yuri, Lesbians, Straight, Striptease] [RUS]

NEW AMAZONS / New Amazonian – -Serr: DVD PG, Quest, Date-Sim, Adventure, Yuri, Lesbians, Straight, Striptease.
Year of production: 2006
Censorship: No
Developer: EXE- SOFT
Publisher: GFI / Russobit-M
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Russian
Translation type: Text and Sound in this language (original)
Interface Language: Russian – To play video game Requires a DVD Player – Description:
In 2086, something unimaginable occurs on Earth – the composition of the atmosphere is completely changing! The threat to the disappearance of humanity is more than real. However, salvation is also not a mirage – an unknown scientist invents serum that allows people to breathe new air.
Further events are taken withOwder is a mad turn – the surface of the planet is pulled out mutants, the president of the globe almost becomes God, in the underground catacombs there is a surviving population … And in practice, check the hypothesis that the reproduction instinct will be accurate than any infection. Check, naturally, with the help of charming girls – the Amazons of the new world! – DOP. Information:

  1. Erotic quest from the creators of “Randevo with a stranger”
  2. New genre – interactive movement of the hero
  3. exciting nonlinear plot
  4. 7 Super Sexual Girls
  5. More than 3 hours of high-quality erotic video