[5.4 GB] [Series] Kara No Shoujo / Girl in The Shell [PTCEN] [2008-2013, VN, Adv, Detective, Drama, Blood, Gore, Oral Sex, PAIZURI] [ENG + jap]

KARA NO Shoujo
殻ノ 少女
Girl In The Shell
Girl in the shell – Year of release: 2008 Release Date: 2008/07/04
Genre: VN, Adv, Detective, Drama, Blood , Gore, Oral Sex, PAIZURI
Censorship: AbspectiveDeller / Publisher: Innocent Gray Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: License Tabletka: Not required
Language Games: English Interface language: English voice acting: Japanese
System Requirements: OS: Win2000 / XP / Vista, CPU: PentiumIIII 800MHz, RAM: 384MB, VRAM: 32MB, 800×600, DirectX: 7.0A-Description: Very strong and charged detective.
Echchi is enough here too, but emphasizes in this The game is being made to the plot.
Also, I am very advised to look at the tags.
What I do not post their screenshots – does not mean that they are not here.
Well, I will add that the game was transferred to English comrades from ManGagamer (And the censorship was removed).
In Russian, too, it seems to be translated, only here is still engaged.
We will wait for their release … Plot: The Year IS 1956; A Series of Bizarre Murders Rocks The City of Tokyo.
Tokisaka Reiji, An EX-Cop Turned Private Eye, Joins The Investigation At the Behest of His Friend Uozumi Kyozo, A Detective in the MPD.
At the Same Time , He Takes On a Missing Persons’ Case At A Private All-Girls High School, As Well As a Mysterious Request From A Girl Named Toko to Find Her True Self.
AS Reiji Frantically Struggles to Crack The Case, He Learns That The Murders Bear An Uncanny Resemblance to a Case in Which His Own Fiancé Was Murdered Six Years Ago.
But Try AS He Might, The Body Count Just Keeps Rising …- Add. Information: VNDB | Game website | GETCHUIGRAM not requireTakes installation – downloaded and play