[5.81 GB] Duel Savior / Duelist Savior [1.13] (Team Baldrhead / Giga) [Cen] [2005, VN, Fighting, Straight, Harem, Oral, Incest] [ENG]

Duel Savior / Duelist Savior
Year of release: 2005
Release Date: 2005/07/29
Genre: VN, Fighting, Straight, Harem, Oral, Incest
Censorship: Any game (Games) Distribution
Developer / Publisher: Team Baldrhead / Giga
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Unofficial
Tabletka: Present
Version: 1.13
Game Language: English
Language Interface: English
Voice Language: Japanese
System Requirements: Windows XP / Windows 7; Pentiumâ…³ 1GHz; RAM 128MB; HDD 1.5 GB
Description: One of those games that should be passed due to the plot, characters (voice over height), and gameplay, and H-CG is just a pleasant addition.
—– [ 123] The guy with a sister (orphans) fall into another world by calling a strange magical book, where the next invasion of evil is expected on the prophecy.
Once every 200 years from the shops of the monsters under the flag of destruction and seek to destroy all living in the central world (which is quite small in itself) and generate a wave of similar invasions in all neighboring worlds.
To reflect the threat, people created the Savior School, Where girls are trained with a certain gift to call on the essential weapon, able to confront monsters and their leaders with similar weapons, and soldiers who will help them in battle. But there are very few such girls, therefore with the talent of the Savior are calling for all available worlds.
Just Our heroes fall into this school, and the girl immediately asked to take a test for “professionality” in their arena, to awaken the skill on the call of weapons. That’s just a brother disagree to expose his sister of such a danger, andRins into battle. There is only one problem – there was no cases in history when a man would have the gift of the Savior.
Extras. Information: The game has a rather epic and complex plot, something resembling Fate / Stay Night. The structure of the game is linear, built in such a way that the path of each new girl opens the new round of the plot and the new appearance of events, deriving an action to another level. For those who like the battleship, I strongly recommend walking through everything yourself (even if some girls are not interested, the plot itself is worth it). It is not necessary to think about choosing (to a haremnik) – the main thing is not to miss the events with the desired girl, so you can safely Spear.
Girls open in this order:
1) Berio \ kaade
2) Rico
3) Nana
4) Lily
5) Mia
6) harem \ Crei
dispel boredom inThe passage of the initial chapters (the first half of the game, 4-5 chapters, is always the same, with the exception of small individual events with girls) you will help you the fireplay part of the gameplay. Each character has its own set of movements: jump, z, x, c + arrows. Sticks, including a diagonal direction, strongly affect any type of attack, so do not forget to experiment. Press Z + X launches special attacks due to the accumulated scales of the rage. Imagine you Only taiga will be available, but other characters will be discharged. The permons will accumulate with battles experience and increase the stats (mostly the size of the health and size of a special scale), which may come in handy, as the game tracks the number of “cycles” and gradually increases complexity (especially bosses), in addition to the selectedQUICTION QUICESS. Number of cycles is not limited, but for a complete storyline you will need a minimum of 7.
When you start a new game, you can choose which version you prefer: Justice is a version with erotic scenes, she is older, or Destiny – version for PS2, where +18 scenes are replaced by scenic sieve, some are quite creative, and fixed various inconsistencies in the plot and voice acting (added Voice of GG to replaced scenes). The money is replaced by Crai