[51.1 MB] [COMIX] Erich Von Gotha artist, Poroklokomix “Twenty” part 1.2. (Russian). [Rus, jpg]

Artist Erich Von Gotha, Pornkomix “Twenty” Part 1,2.
– Syague: Russian
Distribution type: Pornocomix.
Extension: JPG.
Resolution: 1050 x 1511 (more in preview).
Quantity: 2 comic books. 137 color files.
About the author:
Erich Von Gotha de La Rosiere – Pseudozhni, probable real surname of the artist – Robbins (Robbins). – There are no photos of Von Gotha in open access, and in pictures it is brutally proud to man With a monoclete in the eye, then a gray old man with a good-natured smile in the eyes. Hiding artist from Britain, Robbins received an art education, worked as a designer, screenwriter and a draftsman. Moving ahead, he became an artist of the English magazine Torrid, preparing comics and illustrations for the first 14 magazine numbers. In France, these comicspublished journals yes (Les Orgies de Laura), BD adult and torrid. Frequent success came with the comics “Les Malheurs de Janice”, “Prison Tres Speciale”, “Les Curiosites Perverses de Sophie”, “Le Reve de Cecile” and many others .Erich von Gotha is also very successful as a painter and sculptor. It will noted that it is also known under the pseudonyms of Janssens and Baldur Grimmm.