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Comics from Belore
Distribution type: COMIX
Format: jpg
Language: English
A little about the artist:
(b. 1960, SPAIN)
Behind the Pseudonym Belore Hides a Young Spanish Psychology Graduate and Professor in therapeutic pedagogy. HE MADE HIS DEBUT IN COMICS IN THE EARLY 1980S, WITH SOME STORIES PUBLISHED IN CREEPY AND COMIX INTERNACIONAL MAGAZINES. In 1989, He Left Comics to Devote Himself to Painting, But in 1991, When the Erotic Magazine Kiss Comix Was Founded, He Returned to His Passion: Drawing Comics Acts to Counter-Balance His Work As a Professor. HE CREATED THE CHARACTER OF LOLITA, AND MANY STORIES ABOUT HER HAVE APPEARED, IN A PLEASANT, READABLE STYLE.
Description: The collection consists of 5 comics. In total, 272 drawings.