[517 MB] Space Sirens / Space Sirens (Pixis Interactive) [UNCEN] [1994, The Ultimate Cyber ​​Sex Simulator (Animation / Constructor / Classic)] [ENG]

Space Sirens / Space Sirens
Year of production: 1994
Genre: 3D / simulator / Animation / Constructor / Classic / Blowjob
Censorship: None / There is a patch for deletion
Developer: Pixis Interactive [123 ] Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Modified (pirate)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: English
Type of translation: Text and sound in this language (original)
Interface Language: English
System Requirements: Win 3.1 / 95 Quick Time 2.0
Description: Your cosmolet was captured by an unknown station, the inhabitants of which are lustful sirens – keep you captive to meet their desires. In the game 4 sirens: Kira (Kira), Isis (ISIS), Sira (Sierra), stopped (prys), and they are indulgent to you like slave. Satisfying them – get praise, and not justifying their expectationsy – not avoid punishment.
Extras. Information: For Win7 users, the installation is better to hand over to avoid compatibility issues:
1. Run a setup.exe from the disk by pre-providing compatibility with Win95 (the installer does not copy anything, only creates the SPACE SIRENS folder in the Start / Program menu and the Sirens folder with the README file in the system disk root, all game data are contained on the disk, so before starting Games need to be mounted on a virtual disk).
2. During the installation process, the installer will ask for QuickTime 2.0, agree. The game is incompatible with any other versions of Qt, except 2.1 and, if you have version 2.1 (for example, after installing Outpost 69), the installer will miss the QT2.0 setting (version 2.1 is set separately (in the Window folders) from other versions, without harming them).
3. Run the game from the Space Sirens label in the Start / Start / SPACE SIRENS menu or from the Sirens.exe file on the disk, pre-providing compatibility with Win95 and the screen resolution of 640×480 (the game no longer supports).
4. After starting the game, an warning message will arise that the display works on a 32-bit quality schedule, which can lead to unstable operation of the program and propose to set 16 or 256 colors (4 or 8 bits). I do not advise this to do – the game works fine and on a 32-bit chart (a white screen can occur instead of some game scene, but in general is a random process). Click “Yes” to play in 32-bit color or “no” to manually change the quality of the graphics (this can be doneIn a tick “Use 256 colors” on the Compatibility tab), but then the quality of game graphics, including video, deteriorates sharply.
5. After the game screensaver, the frequency selection screen will arise – 5 FPS / 10 FPS (5/10 frames per second), after which the game will directly begin.
The game has the ability to use cheat mod.
For this, in the standby mode Scenes with any Devitza, click on the Red Balloon on the left under the pleasure scale (Pleasuremeter), after which the administration of action, next to the doll on the right, will be painted in green – if you have chosen the right action (leading to the growth of the maiden’s excitation – green scale on the left) or remain red – with unsuccessful action.
The main rule to satisfy the girls – not allowing the scale of its excitation – siIt is the scale of the right, before the girl, for which you press the “STOP” button in a timely manner.