[531.3 MB] TRANSFER STUDENT / TENSHITACHI NO GOGO ~ TENKOUSEI ~ / Exchange Student (Jast USA / Triada) [UNCEN] [1998, VN, Straight] [ENG / RUS]

TRANSFER STUDENT / TENSHITACHI NO GOGO ~ TENKOUSEI ~ / Production exchange student: 1998
Genre: VN, Straight
censorship: missing
Developer: Jast
Publisher: Jast USA (ENG) / Triada (rus)
Platform: Windows / Mac
Type of publication: Modified (pirate)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: English / Russian (Text / Interface)
System Requirements:
Min. Requirements for PC: Windows 95/98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Pentium II or Better Processor, 32 MB of Ram.
Min. Requirements for Macintosh: Mac OS 8.1 or Higher, 120 MHz Power PC Processor, 32 MB of Ram. (On the leopard does not work) Description: Everything starts quite innocently. We have to spend a month in the skins of an ordinary Japanese schoolchild of an indefinite age. Why uncertain? Yes, because. On the one hand, the poorYaga regularly runs to discharge into the school toilet, and the most unthinkable fantasies, who overcome it in these responsible moments, do not go beyond the framework of traditional sex with a teacher, with a familiar from the older class, with a stepmother and other people around his female. On the other hand, when he is given a rare chance to praise with a real lady of flesh and blood (and the guy loses with the virginity literally in our eyes), it acts very confidently and competently. So, an indefinite age, the schoolboy lives in one apartment with a stepmother and her daughter (and you can guess that this mother and daughter can, only after reading the readme file), wakes up all the lessons, visits the toilet with the goals already known to us, and in free from School time invents himself a sexual partner. This holy sinless lifeIt is spoiled until the new girl is translated into his class, as two drops of water similar to the princess of rainbow dreams … In the Russian version, I do not advise the bald sang in the Russian version of TERUMI KINOUCHI …