[546 MB] Kiya Shii Collection “Dreamy Phantom Tentacle” / Kiyashii Korekushon – Mugen Shokushu / Kiya Shii Collection “Dreamy Tentacle” / Girls Charger and Tentacles (Gimmix) (EP.1-2OF2) [Cen] [2009, Various, Manga Motion, Anal, Big Tits, Guro, Rape, Demons, Futanari, Tentacles, Virgin, Students, Web-DL]

Kiya Shii Collection “Dreamy Phantom Tentacle”
Kiya Shii Collection “Dreamy Tentacle”
Kiyashii Korekushon – Mugen Shokushu
Girls Warfish and Tentacles
Year of production: 12.6.2009
Genre: Comiks , Anal, Big Breasts, Big Tits, Large Breasts, Blowjob, Oral, Guro, Rape, Demons, Succubus, Futanari, Tentacles, Virgin, Students, Teachers, School Uniform
Series: EP. 1-2 of 2
Duration: 00:21:34
Censorship: Yes (barely noticeable) in all files
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Studio: Gimmix
[ 123] In the first episode: Girl Warring (demonoborets) meets with magical uncle in glasses, white coat, with awkles. He, in turn, disarms the girl, excites her body with his endless process, deprives innocence and some time withOwls, even the process of the girl appears, but at some point she grabs his sword and head from the shoulders.
In the second episode: the girl behind the school courtyard undresses for the boy and literally throws on it. It looks like a guy loses consciousness and begins to see himself cowned on the wall, and the girl grew up the horns and that fights with a blonde succub with their awkle and grown male process. Then the guy woke up, and on it a naked girl.
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