[558.3 ​​MB] Cartagra: Tsukigurui No Yamai / Moonlife (Yamamoto Motoyanagi, Blue Cat, MS Pictures) (EP. 1-2 of 2) [UNCEN] [CUT] [2009, Detective, Drama, Oral, Virgin, Paizuri, Prostitution, Web-DL RIP] [JAP / RUS / ENG]

Cartagra: Tsukigurui No Yamai
カルタグラ ツキ狂 イノ 病
Moonlore Disease
Year of release: 2009
Genre: Detective, Drama, Oral, Virgin, PAIZURI, Prostitution
Series: EP. 1-2 Of 2
Duration: 2 * 30mn
Censorship: None
Voice: Japanese Original
Subtitles: Russians [Mad Naamah] External ASS
Subtitles: English [Masurenai] External ASS [ 123] Director: Yamamoto Motoyanagi
Original author: Innocent Gray
Studio: Blue Cat, MS Pictures
Description №1: Hero of this story Takashiro Shugo Ex-Policeman, at the moment he sits without work. But from time to time it takes for detective work from his former chief. As the plot develops, the chief hero is instructed to find the missing man of Kozuki Yura. She turns out to be his ex-girlfriend. While he is looking for herThere are several mysterious killings that are somehow related to it.
add. Information: This is a chopped version without censorship. This time cut and plot places too. Every time you want to do less and less. The original path with the DVD did not take a time, adjusted with small distortions.
Video quality: Web-Dlrip [Torrent Ivanivanych]
Video resolution: 480p
Video format: MKV
Video: 852-480, 16-9, 29.97 FPS, AVC, 1023-1194
Audio: JPN, AC-3, STEREO, 48.0 KHZ, 160 KBPS