[558.4 MB] [COMIX, MISC] Collection Cartoon Valley / Cartoon Valley Collection (www.cartoon-valley.net) [UNCEN] [RUS, JPG]

Comics Cartoon Valley
Distribution type: COMIX AND MINICOMIX
Format: JPG
Language: Russian
Description: So I decided to combine the found comics and as you find new slowly add. Nice to spend time
p.s. In addition, sets are added with Figures (11052010) associated with thematic lines. This is certainly not comics, but this is how to say.
Files: 3 398;
Sets: 133
comics: 8
Thematic sections: 56
Resolution: up to 800×600
Add. Information: at a convincing request and fairness: Comics are taken from www.comixnaruss.com. Translated the data of the comics in the sweat of the face and on the joy of others, dear and everyone’s favorite – Drew Bras, he is Andrei -. By the way, translations are really high-quality
The initial pages of comics