[56.2 MB] [COMIX] White cloud. White Cloud. (Luca Tarlazzi) (Translation from Drew BRAS) [RUS, JPG]

White cloud. White Cloud. (Luca Tarlazzi)

Farmaster: With DREW BRAS personal resolution
Distribution type: COMIX
Format: JPG
Author: Luca Tarlazzi
Language: Russian [123 ] Resolution: 1300 x 1800
Color: column
File size: 59 mV
Released: 1996
Number of pages: 46
Description: A poor hungry Indian girl Angry uncle caught up for theft of food. And everything would be nothing, but it climbed into a brothel, as if noigid the food was impossible anywhere else. Well, she remained in the brothel, though exactly one night, and then the events began to develop at the speed of American western, although in essence, the comic was such and is.