[58 MB] [COMIX] The Magical Nymphini №1-5 / Magic Nymphini №1-5 (Chance Wolf, RIP Off Press) [ALL SEX, 1991-1992] [jpg]

The Magical Nymphini №1-5 / Magic Nymphini №1-5
Author: Chance Wolf
Publisher: RIP Off Press
Distribution type: COMIX
Genre: All Sex
Language: English [ 123] Page Resolution: from 910×1650 to 1168×1650
Number of Pages: 174
Format: JPG
Description: Maxima, The Device That Takes Nymphini To The Peaks of Sexual Pleasure, Puts Her in the Most Intense Sexual Fantasies She CAN ENVISION. For example, While Relishing a Stack of Super-Hero Comics, Nymphini IS Transported to a Comic Book World Where She and Captain Stamina Must Defeat a Well-Endowed Robot and Other Thugs. Her Best Weapon Against These Enemys Is Her Sexual Talents. Unfortunately, Not Even Michelangelo’s Statue of the Nude David Stands a Chance Against The Passionate Nymphini. /
Maxim, Device, CatOre derives nymphini on peak of sexual pleasure, puts it in the most intense sexy fantasies that she can imagine. For example, enjoying the emoticon of superheroes, the nymphini is transferred to the world of comics, where she and the captain of the Stamina must defeat a well-secured robot and other thugs. Her best weapons against these enemies is her sexy talents. Unfortunately, even the Statue of Nude David Michelangelo has no chance of passionate nymphini.