[584.7 MB] Private Nurse / Love Procedures (Angelsmile, Macho Studio) [UNCEN] [2003, VN, Romance, Stright, CD] [RUS] [REPACK]

Private Nurse / Love Procedures
Year of production: 2003
Genre: VN, Romance, Stright
Censorship: None
Developer: Angelsmile
Publisher: Macho Studio
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Repack
Tabletka: Present
Disc Type: CD
Interface Language: Russian
Voice Language: Japanese
System Requirements: Win XP / IBM PC / 128 MB RAM / 500 MB on the railway
Description: Your hero is called Hiroki Rikido. He lives alone and learns in the graduation class, but life has lost its meaning for him, as he is seriously ill. Sometimes he loses consciousness right in the midst of the street. All attempts of doctors cure him did not give any result. In the morning, he goes to school with Ayano, which sometimes brings him on a moped, in school he sleeps in the nurse’s office and cannot attend the lessons of adhesiveTours. One day, Mary is included in his life – a private nurse. She reported Hiroki that his mother hired her so that she cared for him. She will live with him in his apartment for a month. Hiroka decides to give it a trial period. If his condition improves, he will allow her to stay with him for a month. Maria takes his proposal. Ayano quietly observes with mixed feelings.
Interactive novel with hentai elements. And Hentai takes the last place, before it you will get very soon. Total in the game 4 end of the game. One with each girl and one with anyone.
Add. Information:
Passage / Walkthrough
The game starts in the window mode, if you want a full screen, then see screen menu №3