[593 MB] [Art] Collection Best of the Best / Build “Best of Best” (Konachan.com, Moe.imouuto.org) [PNG, JPG, JPEG]

A selection of pictures on the theme “Anime”, “Hentai” with a total size of almost 600 megabytes. Careful selection, only the best.
In this hand, I managed to include only a small part of the fact that I shut out on the Internet on the most authoritative sites containing anime, hentai-image. Here are only the best, most beautiful, in my opinion, pictures. The main sources are Konachan.com and Moe.imouuto.org sites, also took part of the pictures from the screw. However, “part” is gently said. If I tried to post all-all anime pictures with an erotic bias, what I had on Winchester, then the distribution would wake up 27 times. Here I tried to intentionally exclude slag, small, inexpressive pictures, as well as pictures found at every step. That’s how such a collectionIt may well fit on one CD. Enjoy unsurpassed quality and beauty, feel an expert eyeled by a thorough and picky selection!
Language: Not required, but basically, if there is anyone else, then in Japanese.
Format: PNG, JPG, JPEG.
Themes of the selection: anime, hentai.
Number of pages: here it’s rather not pages, but pictures, 1292 pieces.
Additional information: according to the distribution structure. All pictures for greater convenience are laid out in three folders by type of files. In the PNG and JPEG folders, the files are a bit, but in JPG pictures it turned out so much that I had to smash on five subfolders, and in every one hundred and two hundred pictures. This is done in order to make it easier to navigate, and, moreover, when thousands of paintingsTo bored in one folder, Windows Explorer can recalculate them for quite a long time, especially on low-power machines. And so everything is convenient and decomposed, which is called, on the shelves.