[6.2 GB] SEPTEM Charm Magical Kanan / Magical Kanan / Matsumura Yasuhiro, Yuuki Shinjuurou / Nutech Digital) (EP. 1-4 of 4) [Uncen] [2000, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Softcore, Tentacles, 4XDVD5] [JAP / ENG]

Septem Charm まじかる カナン | Septem Charm Magical Kanan | Magical Kanan | Magic Canan-
Year of Release: 2000
Country: Japan-Genre: Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Softcore, Tentacles
Duration:> 4 ep. 30 min.-subtitles:

  1. English

censorship: absent-director: Matsumura Yasuhiro | Yuuki Shinjuurou
Studio: Nutech Digital Description:
A Magical Creature Went To the Normal World to Retrive Some Seeds. He Lost His Power and Fainted. A Girl Found Him and Took Him Home. Well, This Creature Became A Man After Gaining Back His Power, Which Surprised The Girl Some. An Incident Happened and She Became A Magical Fighter with His Kiss. Things Start to Get Complicated Asia Try to Get The Seeds And With Most People Not Being What They Sem.-Information Links:Anidb || MAL || World Art || HentaiMag-source: DVD-5
Video: MPEG2 | NTSC | 4×3 | 720×480 | 7200 Kbps
Audio ENG # 1: AC-3 | 48000hz | 192 kbps | 2ch
Audio Jap # 2: AC-3 | 48000hz | 192 kbps | 2ch