[6.49 GB] Artificial Girl 3+ [ALL IN ONE] / Artificial Girl (Illusion Software) [UNCEN] [2008, 3D, Simulator, Constructor] [ENG]

Artificial Girl 3+ [All_in_one] / Artificial girl [29.06.09]
Year of production: 2009
Genre: 3D, Simulator, Constructor
censorship: missing / there is a patch for deletion
Developer: Illusion Software
Publisher: SeyrRi
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Modified (pirate)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese
Translation type: only sound in this language (Original Sound)
Interface Language: English
System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Min: CPU 2GHz, GeForce FX5000 or Radeon 9500 (Support Pixel Shader V2.0) [123 ] Not less than 8 GB available disk space.
Description: 3D date simulator. We care for girls – we have merit.
This assembly from Seyrri (with Hongfaer) is based on the lastIt is the versions of the game -29.06.2009 with a modified installer, pre-installed modes:
• Anglo Poor interface and anti-seat
• Proper mapping of the Position of the penis
• ExtaPosition of HENTAI
• Author’s design of some rooms
In Illusion_wizzard, a collection of modes recommended for use is collected.
Installing: Run [AG3] [All_in_one] setup.part01.exe
will be prompted to select “C: \”. Agree. (It’s easier to transfer later than fighting with troubles when choosing another directory). You can play.
Initially, your world is empty. You can invite up to 5 girls. There are more than 20 finished characters and some kind of clothes. I recommend before bringing the girl to the light to fit it for all occasions. Therefore, – launch the editor
, select outfits for your subUG. Do not forget to save your choice of “save selection”. The game itself starts
. We load girls – success. Extras. Information: FAQ on the game -> wikia.com
scratchpad.wikia.com > Original Game Distribution <
Moving Game: The [AG3] folder is transferred to the soul. Edit paths in labels <
, and in the file … \ Ag3 \ illusion_wizzard_v042 \ ag3 \ illusion_wizzard.ini. All. The registry edit is not necessary – there is nothing .– Russian interface – [AG3 +] [Interface] [RAINBOW_RUS] [YAGUAR666] [v0.1] –