[600.9 MB] Yuuwaku Countdown: Akira / Countdown: Akira Complex / Countdown: Akira (Hiroyuki Utatane, Takhashi Naohito / Pink Pineapple) (Ep. 1-3 of 3) [Cen] [1997, Drama, Romance, Straight , TRAGEDY, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

誘惑 カウント ダウン 鏡 akira | Countdown: Akira
YUUWAKU COUNTDOWN: Akira | Countdown: Akira Complex – Year of production: 1997
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama, Romance, Straight, Tragedy
: 1-3 of 3
Duration: OVA (3 ep. ), 30 min.
Censorship: There are in all files (interesting places or lit up or simply did not draw) – Japanese voice: Original
Video Voice: Professional (full duplication)
English subtitles: Built-in disabled ASS and SRT
Subtitles Russians: External ASS
Translator: Helches; Editor: Venzell-Director: Takahasi Naochito
Original author: Utatana Hirubee
Studio: Pink Pineapple Description: Akira is a very beautiful and smart guy. All the girls just like the guys will not give up with him at least once to sleep, what is he and notrefuses. Unfortunately, the only woman he loves and ever wanted, will never get him – this is his sister. At the university, he meets the Girl Kanama, which condemns him for such shameless behavior. Can she ever heal the heart wounds of Akira? HIME-ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This Tialle is Picture Drama, and only bed scenes are fully animated.-Attention !!! Wanted an assistant to transfer Manga Yuuwaku / Countdown. Responsibilities – Tipset, Edith.
Interested Please write on haibara_helshi@mail.ru Composition Video: DVDRip by Lamonae
Video format: MKV
AVC / MPEG-4, 640×480, 4: 3, 599 | 554 | 570 Kbps, 23.976 FPS (VFR)
Japanese: AC-3, 192 KBPS, 2 Channels, 48.0 KHz, 16 Bits
English: AC-3,192 Kbps, 2 Channels, 48.0 KHz, 16 Bits