[630.5 MB] The Guts! / The Gattsu! / Women At Work / Women at work (Animac / Kitty Media) [UNCEN] [2005, Comedy, Large Breasts, Oral, Anal, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

Women at work / The Guts! / The Gattsu! / Women At Work
– Weight release: 2005
Country: Japan
Genre: Comedy, Large Breasts, Oral, Anal
Duration: OAV (2 ep.), 30 min. Studio: Anime ANTENNA GROUP (ANIMAC). After convincing you that women like Mount Muscov, he goes to work at a construction site. On the day of the interview, an attractive woman interviewer forced him to prove his strength. From that moment on, the guy falls into the entertainment cycle not one time on the day. All women at the construction site seemed to come together and he begins to seem to appear that he fell into a parallel world, which is increasing him more. © World ART-censorship: missing.-Translation:
Russian subtitles. Translation: DRON
EnglishKie subtitles / voice acting. Translation: R1 DVD
To view with subtitles, you need to rewrite files to a folder where video files are necessary from the “RUS / ENG SUBTITLES” directory. In most players, the subtitles of the same name will connect automatically. Quality: DVDRip / Video Type: No Hardsab / Format: MKV / Rip: RG GENSHIKEN @ Encodes: Dez
Video: 704×528, 1350 kbps, x264
Audio # 1: Japanese, 192 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC
Audio # 2: English, 192 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC