[633.4 MB] Michael Ninn’s Shock: The Game / Shock: Michael Ninna (VCA Interactive, Fargus) [UNCEN] [1999, Adv, CD] [RUS]

Michael Ninn’s Shock: The Game / Shock: Game Michael Ninna
Year of production: 1998
Genre: Adventure
censorship: missing
Developer: VCA Interactive
Publisher: Fargus
Platform : PC / Windows 98, XP, 7K (may require compatibility mode).
Type of publication: Original (I hope licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Disc type: Image (.iso) CD
Language : Russian
Translation type: text and sound in Russian (original)
Interface language: Russian
System requirements: Windows, 486/66, 16MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card, 8bit Color, Mouse, Penis (so written)
Description: Are you ready for shock? Are you sure?
The nasty prisoner of a strict mode of the nickname “Tolstik” takes a young, beautiful girl in hostage, and keeps her in not very pleasantPlace – your brain. You were taken from a group of volunteers-prisoners to take part in the biomedical experiment to try (without losing the mind) to free the girl from the captivity of a patient psychopath. Your physical body will be sold to the clinic (for experiences), and the consciousness will be transferred directly to tired wild sexy fantasies (and maybe this is still to blame the table “Narzan”?) The brain of the criminal. There, among all these sperm sperm, you must find and release a sexy captive, the role of which is performed for the Higher Laveux – Sheyla La Vaux). By the way, the entire civilized world was perplexed – as some Starlet was able to get around Sheil to Oscar-99, Gwyneth Paltrow. No other way is the goats of the ball medium.
Extras. Information: MontifierImage through Daemon Tools. The game comes from the disk without installation (32bit.exe)!
For the gluable game (and viewing the game video) you need to put an ancient QuickTime player (qt32.exe of disk).
Played Once upon 98, now checked for performance under WinXP. Jedny played under 7 (64 bit), remember about the need to establish ancient Qt