[669.8 MB] Aniyome / Elder Brother’s Wife / My Brother’s Wife / Senior Brother’s wife / Snow (Kanbara Toshiaki, Vanilla, Youc, Critical Mass) (EP.1-2OF2) [UNCEN] [2004-2005, Housewives, Drama, Straight , Oral, Anal, BDSM, Group, Students, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

兄嫁 前編 / 兄嫁
Aniyome / Elder Brother’s Wife / My Brother’s Wife
Senior Brother’s wife / Snow
Year of production: 2004-2005 (from 08.10.2004 to 14.01.2005)
Genre : Housewives, Drama, Straight, Oral, Anal, BDSM, Group, Students
Series: EP. 1-2 of 2
Duration: 30Minut (00:27:37, 00:28:58)
Censorship: None
Language: English
Voice: Professional (full duplication) Critical Mass [123 ] Subtitles: Built-in Disabled and External SRT
Subtitles: Russian External SRT [MIK]
Voice: Japanese Original
Director: Kanbara Toshiaki
Studio: Vanilla Series, Selen, Youc, Digital Works
Description: My name is Kagura Takashi. After the death of the parents, my brother received an increase in a large trading company, began to take care of me. Thanks to E.I can go to school like other students. Nevertheless, I rather envied him than I was grateful. In appearance, school, sports, in all aspects he was better than me. The most strongly tormented by the idea of ​​his wife, “MIWA”. She lived in the other half of the house and every morning I met a smile every morning. Despite the fact that I loved her, he “took away” MIWA. Adaptation of the SELEN hentai game.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: MKV
Video codec: XVID
Audio codec: AC3, MP3
Video: XVID 720×544 23.98fps 960kbps, 1557kbps [123 ] Audio 1: ENG, Dolby AC3 48000HZ STEREO 192KBPS
Audio 2: Jap, Mpeg Audio Layer 3 44100Hz Stereo 149Kbps, 175Kbps