[679.4 MB] Kite / Kite – Girl Killer (Yasuomi Umetsu / Beam Entertainment, Green Bunny, Arms, Animeworks, Kitty Media) [UNCEN] [1998, Straight, DVDRip] [RUS]

Kite / Kite – Girl Killer

Year of release: 1998
Country: Japan
Genre: Action, Gunfights, Straight Sex, Underworld, Violence
Duration: 51 min
Translation: Professional (Multi-voiced, voice-over)
Censorship: No
Director: Yasuomi Umetsu
Studio: Beam Entertainment, Green Bunny, Arms, Animeworks, Kitty Media
Description: Several years ago, the girl Sava lost his parents. Its guardian becomes an uncompromising and zinic police Akai. But he has its own mercenary goals: he brings up the elite of the hired killers, cleansing society from the scam, in front of which the law and justice are powerless. Soon, the young charming Sava becomes his invisible and deadly weapons. For it, there are no impracticable tasks – instantly turning from the rough schoolgirl in the whitesDiscreogramed Killer, it starts discontinuous bullets of the body of his victims, who do not have a chance for survival. Sava always works alone, so the appearance of a new partner, a dexterous and fearless guar, sharply changes her life – Suddenly, she appears and new, unknown feelings …
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec : Xvid
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (MP3)
Video: XVID 640×480 1728 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000hz Stereo 128Kbps