[7.32 GB] [MISC, AUDIO] Exclusive. Radio “Sex in the Big City” with Seed Seagull [2007-2012, Audio, Sex Talk, Mp3]. Full archive (575 issues). All that you wanted to learn about sex, but were afraid to ask.

Exclusive. Radio “Sex in the Big City” with Seed Seagull. Full Archive (2007-2012)
Year of production: 2007-2012 ..
Genre: Audio, Sex Talk, MP3
Duration:> 500 hours (575 issues for ~ 40 minutes each) [123 ] Description: Every evening on weekdays on Radio Radio City-FM (87.9) C 23.00 Talk show “Sex in the Big City” – Frank conversations about sexual relationships and sex. All conversations are carried out in a simple, intelligible, often ironic-“kitchen” manner. Famous sexologists, psychologists and psychotherapists, popular characters take part in the program. The discussion takes part listeners through telephone calls, SMS and messages to the Internet Forum of Programs. From the record removed news and advertising issues.
Extras. Information: Finally finished the assembly of this archive.You will not find the cooler of this transmission. Enjoy.
Audio codec: MP3
Audio: 32.100 KHz, Mpeg Layer 3, 1 CH, 40.00 Kbps