[7.46 GB] Revenge AT The Bottom of the Glass / Revenge on the bottom of the Bokal (EXE-Soft, Gigabit) [UNCEN] [2009, ADV, SLG, DVD PG, Striptease, DVD9] [RUS]

Revenge at the bottom of the glass
Year of production: 2009
Genre: Adventure, Date-SIM, DVD PG, Striptease
Censorship: None
Developer: EXE-Soft
Publisher: Gigabit
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Region: PAL
Disc type: DVD9
Language: Russian
Type of translation: text and sound in this language (original)
Interface Language: Russian
System Requirements: To play enough DVD player
Description: You are a student who came to the company of university friends to a party in Luxurious country house belonging to the father of the fellow students. However, even before the beginning of dinner, the invasion of uninvited guests begins, foreshadowing a gloomy event … a man’s frightened man, semi-manA man in the grima of the circus clown, an impressive gentleman, who turned out to be the owner of the house – all of them the will of fate gather with you at the festive table. However, you will not have any dinner, because in one of the glasses someone is already expecting poison … So, late at night in a secluded house behind a covering table, the corpse of the poisoned guest and the group shocked by the migratory murder of people. You take an investigation into your hands. You have to inspect the house, collecting evidence, repeatedly politic to those present, comparing their contradictory readings. Your friends willingly help you in the investigation: Alina comes up with a tricky west for a murderer, Oksana detects important evidence on time, Tatyana gives genius versions – but it does not remove suspicion and with them … In this game, the tense atmosphere of Zaba is organically combinedThe daughter of the classic detective and comedic absurdity of what is happening, the professional game of actors, performing the role of colorful characters and an ironic plot paroding the classics of the genre.