[713.9 MB] The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat / nine lives of the cat Fritz [1974, comedy, cartoon for adults, DVDRip] [rus]

The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat / nine lives of the cat Fritz
Year of production: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Cartoon for adults
Director: Robert Taylor
Cast: Skip Hinnent, Riva Rose, Bob Holt, Robert Ryjli, Fred Smith, Sweet Dick Whittington
Duration: 01:16:30
Language: English
Translation: Author’s (K. Filonov)
Tired of his loud and twistful spouse, the unemployed cat Fritz is a lover of female charms and a good, slaughter marijuana, wares from the house and goes in search of the meaning of life. All would not, but since Fritz is a typical representative of the cat’s family, the number of his lives (and, accordingly, their meanings) is measured by the number 9! In general, Fritz waiting for the most incredible, the most fantastic and sometimes deathA hazardous adventures, during which the cat will have to go to Mars, to work the orders of Adolf Hitler, messenger from the US President and much more.

Extras. Information:
Konstantin Philon writes — “My acquaintance with the cartoon” Nine lives of a cat Fritz “happened quite by chance. The colleague on work downloaded him from the torrents, it began, it was, to watch – and could not. Translated by Vasily Gorchakov, the cartoon lost All your humor, sarcasm and, approximately, 75% of textual content. As a result, colleague asked to make a normal, adequate translation. I had to tinker, but it, I think it was worth it. Enjoy your view! “
‘nine lives … ‘There are no relationships to the Bakshi Ralph, nor to comics Robert Kramba. The plot is built around Fritz’s fantastic movements toThe silent soul is now in another time (in the past), then in other space (to the cat-neighbor) … ‘Cat Fritz’ (hand drawn ribbon Ralph Bakshi 1972, shot based on comic Robert Kramba) was probably the first – by At least the first famous – a cartoon film that received an age limit ‘X’, that is, it turned out to be in essence equivalent to the port-product.

Attention !! Pornography No !!!
First part of the “Adventure of the Far Cat” http://pornolab.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1123919
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