[717.1 MB] Let’s Meow MEOW! / Minna de Nyan Nyan / “On Meow”! (Yamikumo-Communications, G-Collection) [UNCEN] [2003, VN, NEKO] [ENG]

みんな で ニャンニャン / Let’s MEOW MEOW! / “On meow”! Year of production: 2003
Genre: VN, NEKO
Censorship: missing
Developer: Yamikumo-Communications
Publisher: G-Collection
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese (Character Votes)
Language: English (Text / Interface)
System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium II / 300MHz
Memory: 64 MB or Higher
Display: 640 x 480 True Color
HDD: 810 MB
Description: There was a guy of the Ibuki (class name). He loved very cats, well, he adored. In one day he was in a dream of a feline God and said, they say a parenchy, you are so kind to my relatives that I am right now I will write a reward. Wait, already sent.
And the next day, Ibuki found a purring box at the door. And in the koBKA – Summaging Girl-Cat. With ears and tail. Naked.
A noble gift, yes as it turned out later and not one …
That’s actually with these girls – cats, just girls, cats-cat-kyborgs and someone else with whom you have to communicate in the game . In different places, in different combinations.
Extras. Information: Publisher site