[752.2 MB] Sprite: Between Two Worlds / Manami & Nami Sprite / Soul Manami and We (Takeshi Yamaguchi, Toei Video Co., Ltd, Jcstaff) (EP 1-4 (1-2) of 4 (2)) [ Softcore] [1997, Comedy, School, Romance, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

Sprite: Between Two Worlds
Manami & Nami Sprite
真奈 美 & ナミ
Souls Manami and us
Year of production: 04/21/1997 TILL 08.08.1997
Genre: Comedy, School , Romance, Softcore
series: EP 1-4 (1-2) of 4 (2)
Duration: 4 episode for ~ 20 minutes
censorship: missing (softcore)
Language: Japanese [ 123] Voice: Original
Language: English
Voice: Professional (Full Duplication)
Subtitles: Built-in SRT Disabled
Language: Russian
Subtitles: External SRT Max 1 from Novosibirsk
Director : Takeshi Yamaguchi
Studio: Toei Video Co., Ltd., Jcstaff
Recently, shy mane began to flirt very brazed and climb into fights with other girls. But then she remembers anything else may another person awakened in her? SuchWhat will all be done in order to get into trouble?