[775.9 MB] Molester Circle Orgasm Rush Hour / Chikan Circle -Kaikan Rush Hour- Sesshoku / Rabbar Library – Laying at Rush Hour (GUILTY + Soft) [Cen] [2009, Adventure, Chikan, VN ] [jap]

Molester Circle Orgasm Rush Hour / Chikan Circle -Kaikan Rush Hour- Sesshoku / Circle of Breakfasts – Largeness at Rush Hour – Year of production: 2009 Genre: Adventure, Chikan, VN-censorship: Yes to the game-developer: | Guilty +
Publisher: Guilty-Soft Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified (Pirate)
Tabletka: Presence-Language: Japanese
Translation type: Text and Sound Original
Interface Language : Japanese-system requirements:
OS: Win2000PRO / XP / VISTA
CPU: PentiumIIII 500 MHz / 800 MHz PentiumIIII ※ Vista CPU: PentiumIII 800MHz required
RAM: 128MB / 256MB ※ Vista Ram: 512MB [123 ] VRAM: 4MB
Resolution: 800 * 600
DirectX: 8.1A-Description: – In Russian:
Units – an ordinary college student. He has no girlfriend, but he enjoys his school life with his loved onesRug, Yui. Once, he meets the girl who begins to feel him when he was driving in a train. Learning with your beach …? The girl continues to touch, and he finally cums …. Is it a dream …? The next day, when he enters the crowded train, he meets the girl. The girl suddenly begins to touch his body, and he will soon cums …. Her name Ai and she takes a job in his circle, called “Chikan (annoying) circle”, which includes, people who want to cry or be apparent. The units are interested in Ai directly, so he decides to join them. However, he must pass the test to join a circle ….- English:
Junichi IS An Average University Student. He Doesn’t Have A Girlfriend, But Enjoys His School Life WITH HIS Close Friend, Yui. One Day, He Finds a Girl Grope a Man’s Body When He Is On The Train. Train Molester …? The Girl Keeps Groping and The Man Finally Ejaculates …. Is That A Dream …? ON THE NEXT DAY, WHEN HE GETS ON THE CROWDED TRAIN, HE FINDS THE GIRL. The Girl Suddenly Starts Groping His Body and He Soon Ejaculates …. HER NAME IS AI AND RECRUITS HIM INTO HER CIRCLE CALLED THE CHIKAN (MOLESTATION) CIRCLE “, Which Includes Members Who Want to Molest or Be Molested. Junichi Is Interested in Ai Herself, So He Decides to Join It. However, He Needs to Pass The Test to Join The Circle. The Test Is To Recruit A Girl, In Other Words, To Molest A Girl Who Wants To Be Molesure of Being Molested …. Junichi’s Target Girl Is Yui …. HE HESITATES AT First, But He WHO IS ADDICted to Chikan, Makes Up His Mind to Take The Test. Like this, His Chikan Life Starts ….– Extras. Information:
The game is installed via the setup.exe which you want to run through the AppLocale. In the distribution, the installation package is not an image.
After installing copying a file from a tablet folder and run the game through it (nothing to rename it) – I do not recommend turning the game. After noting the window mode, and not on the whole screen, but you will come On the new all labels to climb on the desktop. – The original name in Japanese: 痴漢 ~ ~ 快感 · ラッシュアワー 篇 ~ ~-input part of the game: Molester Circle Orgasm Rush Hour (this distribution)
Second part of the game: Molester Circle 2 – The Express of Obscene Behaviour
The third part of the game: Molester Circle 3 – Wife Diagram Information on Japanese: GetCHU
Information in English: ErogeShop
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