[8.5 MB] True Love / True Love: History of Clean Love (Software House Harsley, Jast USA) [UNCEN] [1995, Adv, SLG, Card-Game, Animation, Straight] [ENG]

True Love / True Love: The history of pure love production: 1995
Genre: VN, Date-SIM, Card-Game, Animation, Straight
censorship: missing
Developer: Software House Harsley
Publisher : Jast USA
Platform: PC / Windows (9x and XP)
Type of publication: Modified (pirate)
Tabletka: Not required
Interface Language: English
System Requirements: Pentium P-133
-Applist: The main character is a student of the Meiai College College, which is reassured there last year. He has not yet decided on who he will be after the end of the college, and his choice depends largely on what girl he chooses. He lives in a separate room of 203 hostels, and from time to time receives money from parents. He can get involved in different girls and have close to themRelationships, but at the end he must choose the only thing – true love. Depending on the success of the main character, the girl can accept recognition in love, and may reject it.