[8.51 GB] La Blue Girl Returns / Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl: Fukkatsu Hen / Blue Girl Returns (Hiroshi Ogawa, Arms / Brahman / Green Bunny) (EP 1-4 of 4) [UNCEN] [2001-2002, Fantasy, Rape, Demons, Tentacles, Schoscles, Action, Adventure, DVD5] [JAP / ENG]

La Blue Girl Returns
La Blue Girl Returns: Demon Seed
La Blue Girl Rebirth
Inju Gakuen Fukkatsu
Injuu Gakuen La Blue Girl: Fukkatsu Hen
淫獣 学園 La ☆ Blue Girl 復活篇 [ 123] 淫獣 学園 復活篇
Blue Girl Returns

Year of production: 05/25/2001 TILL 25.05.2002
Genre: Fantasy, Rape, Demons, Tentacles, School, Action, Adventure
Series : EP 1-4 of 4
Duration: 4 series of ~ 29 minutes
censorship: missing
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: English
Voice: Professional (full Duplication)
Subtitles: yes
Director: Hiroshi Ogawa / Yoshitaki Fujimoto
Studio: Arms / Brahman / Green Bunny / Central Park Media
The history of the daughter of the earth woman and the demon. Due to its origin, it acquires the abilityYou move from the world of people to the world of demons and back, and trying to prevent the conquest to the earth by the demons (since her mother came from an ancient kind of fighters with monsters). Demons from people, in addition to the ability to take many different accumulations, distinguishes a huge potency and irrepressible sexual needs …