[86.6 MB] [COMIX] The Date Game / Magic game (Infinity Sign, Mike57) [UnCen] [Transsexuals, Oral, TittyFuck] [jpg] [rus]

The Date Game / Magic game
Author: Infinity Sign
Translator: Mike57
Distribution type: COMIX
Censorship: None
Genre: Transsexuals, Oral, TittyFuck
Language: Russian [123 ] Page Resolution: 1667×2500
Number of pages: 131
Format: JPG
Description: The guy persists his friend to test the game purchased from the old man in the flea market. In the evening, a guy is a date and he wants to entertain the girl throwing cubes and moves chips. And the seller warned that this game would be very interesting for two!
Extras. Information: if the translation turned out and enjoy it – I will make it up. I have something in stock.