[87.5 MB] Person of Courage / Dead Pepper (Circle-Poison) [Cen] [2011, JRPG, Adventure, Fantasy] [jap]

Person of Courage / Brave Pepper
– Year of production: 2011
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Fantasy
Censorship: There are in the game (Games) Distribution
Developer: Circle-Poison (ぽいずん)
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese
Type of translation: text and sound in this language (original)
Language Interface: Japanese-system requirements:
OS: Windows2000 / XP / Vista / 7
CPU: PentiumIII-1.0GHz
RAM: 256MB Description: A classic toy in the style of the first Final Fantasy. Going into incision with traditions, the game goes for Antigero – the ruler of the dark forces, the knight of the Jedi side of the dark side … You were squeezed out of your own castle three aunt, sending to the wanderings, and now you climb from the knees and look for revenge. As in any game of this genre, you willE to travel for 2D peace and stumble on various mobs and Persians. The battle takes place in the standard step-by-step system your Persian on the left, opponent to the right, you can choose various spells, blows, and so on. Special settings did not find anywhere, that is, the sound to adjust only in the manual, twisting in the column or headphones. Save in the game in the status menu, select the item and persist. The keys in battle are a bit, easy to quickly figure out, they will be added in power, they will be added … There are cities with shops and blacksmiths, the cities run the ladies and different units. You can go to any house through the door, climb the stairs to another floor, go to some hole. There is a gaming currency for which it is possible to buy objects. There are dungeons, quests, puzzles, scleps, caves. There are levels of heroes, pMore nr and mana are becoming increasing, more advanced items can also be applied. There is an opportunity to assemble your team from monsters and people. To understand the plot and communication with virtual chems, we use the Agth program, which here remarkably copes, grasping the text.
To communicate with any game character, as using some game world items, we use the Enter or Z key. Right in the game you can call the status The character menu, if you press X (ESC) the same button, you can close it, Z (ENTER) button is used to select submenu. – Dlsite
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