[88 MB] Dont Stop Mama!? / Mom not stop!? (Authoring Heaven, Complets) [CEN] [2000, Adventure, VN, InCest] [jap]

Dont Stop Mama!? / Mom Do not stop!? – Year of production: 2000 G. Genre: Adventure, Incest, VN-censorship: There is in the game (games) Distribution-developer: Authoring Heaven
Publisher: Complets-platform: PC / Windows [ 123] Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required – Language: Japanese
Type of translation: Text and sound Original
Interface language: Japanese system requirements:
OS: Win95 / Win98 [ 123] Resolution: 640 * 480-Description:
When parents divorced the main character still studied at elementary school. Hero, all GDA remembered the ciors and disputes of parents. Through what time he had a new mom. She was still a young and beautiful woman.
For a long time Hairou took a bath with her, and when she called him he could not refuse.
Looking back, it was the veryovar error ‥ ‥ ‥. -d. Information: The game was tested under XP SP2 – to install and run under the appocale.
During full-screen modes, there may be crashes and a game can hang or fly out (I have been playing a long time ago, but now I played and now I have been playing an image). – Switching from full-screen On the window mode or vice versa and more about the text of the text:
-Information in Japanese:
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