[886.9 MB] Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou !! / Absolute submission: license sex !! (Murakami Teruaki, Anime Antenna Iinkai) (EP.1-2OF2) [CEN] [2012-2013, Comedy, School, Virgin, Oral , Footjob, Pazuri, Public, Creampie, Pregnant, BDRip] [JAP / RUS / ENG / ITA / CHI / KOR]

Zettai Junshu KyoSei Kozukuri Kyokashou !!
ぜっ たい 遵守 ☆ ☆ 強制子 作り 許 許許証 !!
Absolute submission: License sex !!
Year of release: 2012-2013
Genre: Comedy, School, Virgin, Oral, Footjob, Paizuri, Public, Creampie, Pregnant
Series: EP. 1-2 Of 2
Duration: 2 * 28mn
Censorship: There are in all files
Voice: Japanese original
Subtitles: Russian [Svoychuvak] External ASS
Subtitles: English [FAKKU] ( Ep. 1), [SubDesu-H] (Ep. 2) External ASS
Subtitles: Italian [DQ1] External ASS
Subtitles: Chinese [Maho.sub] External ASS
Subtitles: Korean External ASS [ 123] Director: Murakami Teruaki
Original author: Softhouse-seal Grandee
Studio: Anime Antenna Iinkai
Description: In the near future, the fertility of men decreased so much that humanity hasB on the verge of extinction. In urgency, a new law was published, in which the “License for Free Sex” was mentioned. The presenter of this license could have sex with an absolutely any girlfriend like, when and anywhere. Moreover, according to a new law, the woman did not have the right to refuse the bearer of this paper. Once at night, such a license fell into the hands of Takumi. Do I need to say that his life has changed cool? (c) Venzell
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