[9.72 GB] After Class Lesson / Houkago: Nureta Seifuku / After school (Masato Kitagawa, Milky, Bishop) (EP 1-3 of 3) [UNCEN] [2005, Female Students, Rape, Anal, Oral, Yuri, DVD5] [JAP / ENG]

After Class Lesson
放課 後 ~ 濡れ た 制服 ~
afterschool lessons
After school
Year of production: 01/25/2005 TILL 25.09.2005
Genre: Female Students, Rape, Anal, Oral, Yuri
: EP 1-3 of 3
Duration: OAV (3 EP.), 30 min.
Censorship: No
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: English
Subtitles: Yes
Director: Masato Kitagawa
Studio: Milky, Bishop

Chemistry teacher, whom everyone in school is called “Skyushka” , rape student. But they resist not long and not too active.
“Hentai with a similar” confusing “plot did not shoot, perhaps, only the most lazy studio for the production of this kind of production. But, nevertheless, Sensei is enough in it enough and quite colorfully gnussen, And his studentEnough lust to watch it was at least funny. The drawing here is quite accurate and is made, apparently, without disgusting to his work, which, by the way, is not so often found in Hentai. In any case, the secondary and primary sex signs of the heroes do not change their mysteriously in their sizes, and the noses and mouths are not strongly on its side when the angle is changed. It is quite touching and almost naive (for such cynical scenes) looks – very soft, warm and Not sharp. “