[993.3 MB] Haramasete Seiryuu-Kun! / ImpregNate Me Seiyu-Kun! / Fertilize me, Sair-kun! (Asano Hiro, Lilith, PIXY) (1-2 of 2) [CEN] [2011, Comedy, Ahegao, Cream Pie, Deflowering, Hairy, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS] [540p]

Fertilize me, Sair-kun!
ImpregNate Me Seiryu-Kun!
孕ませ て 青龍 青龍! Haramasete Seiryuu-Kun! Year of production: 2011-2012
Genre / Tags: Comedy, Ahegao, Bondage, Rimming, Paizuri, ThreeSome, URI, Cream Pie, Deflowering, Female Student, Waitress, Hairy
Series: 1-2 of 2
Duration: 00:27:30, 00:28:02
Censorship: There are in all files
Language 1: Japanese, voice acting: Original
Language 2: English, Subtitles: External ASS / SSA
Language 3: Russian, Subtitles: External ASS / SSA, voice acting: single-haired
Director: Asano Hiro (ADB)
Original author: Lilith Soft (ADB, VNDB) (game tracker, documentary)
Studio: PIXY (ADB)
Description in Russian: “Before you a battle for pregnancy !! After school, we are going to start making children. Come to the pool, or for us you nE will be! “” I’m going to be the first who get pregnant! “This is the beginning of a cruel fight between a strong fighter – a high school student of Natsuki and her friend’s friend – Akibiba to get only the best genes from the sperm mountain!” © XAO1700 < Лол
Description in English: IT Sems That Everyone Is Fighting Over The Main Character Seiryuu-Kun’s Genes, They’ve Even Made A Competition Out of IT. However, Little Do The Suspicious Plat Behind The Whole Situation. Four Militant Spirits Have Possessed The Three Girls and One Guy. In Any Case This Is a Crazy School Love Comedy Adventure, An Adventure of An Upperclassman and Her Friends Trying to Become Imprregnated.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video: MKV, x264, 956×540, 16: 9, 23.976fps ~ 100 kbps, 10bit
Audio 1: AAC, Japan, 48.0 KHz, ~ 192 kbps,VBR Q0.50, 2 Chanels
Audio 2: AC3, Russian, 48.0 KHz, 192 Kbps, 2 Chanels