[ART] derpibooru.org siterip (Not safe 2023 Part 1) (derpibooru.org) [AI, MLP, MyLittlePony, Furry, Yiff, Solo, Yuri] [JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBM] [eng]

derpibooru.org siterip (Not safe 2023 Part 1)
Publisher website: derpibooru.org
Distribution type: ART
Genre: AI, MLP, MyLittlePony, Furry, Yiff, Solo, Yuri
Language: English
Image resolution: 720×1080~12000×12000 (Values ​​are conditional)
Number of files: 53479
Description: Well, citizens are ponies , griffin-fuckers, dragon-fuckers, who wants to experience the magic of friendship today?
But seriously, siterip derpibooru.org upon request:
-safe, created_at:2023, -(solo male OR (solo AND male)), -intersex, -gay, -(poop OR pooping OR scat OR urine OR pissing OR vore OR post-vore OR obese OR death OR gore OR dead OR necrophilia OR snuff OR diaper)
I made a technical mistake in this part – I forgot to add the blood and fart tags to the blacklist. And I remembered when I had already packed everything into archives. In subsequent parts everything is corrected.
That is, this is all for 2023 according to the above request. According to the idea, it’s “No solo men, no footy, no gays, no filth.”, but thenaccuracy is not guaranteed. The description of the technical part explains why.
AI-Art is allowed on the site, look for the ai_generated folder.
I warn you, this is a garbage dump with trash. A hazmat suit won’t help you, at least H.E.V. 5. Preferably power armor made of folich.
All files are packed in zip without compression, and there is also a separate archive with tags for each file.
Rip in the process of collection. I will post it in parts, and this distribution is the first and will contain a table of contents with links to all subsequent distributions.