[Art] Toranoana ArtBook Collection / Collection Collections from Toranoana (www.toranoana.jp) [Beach, Bikini, Hot Spring, Kimono, Neko, Swimsuit] [PNG, JPG] [jap, eng]

-Toranoana Artbook Collection / Collection Collections of Pictures from Toranoana
Website of the publisher: https://www.toranoana.jp/[123 Dressing Distribution: Art
Genre: Beach, Bikini, Hot Spring, Kimono, Neko, Swimsuit
Language: Japanese, English
Page Resolution: from ~ 2000-3000 to ~ 4600-6000
Number of pages: 2008
Format: PNG, JPG
Description: Collection of collections manufactured specifically for ComIKets by Toranoana.
Go out in 2 publications: Summer and Winter.
Collectors are also divided into several types:
1) Type-A (Type-B) are simple drawings (mainly 16+);
2) Type-x (Type-XA, Type-XB) – nude variations from Type-A and Type-B (without swimsuit or towels) and other pictures not included in Type-A and Type-B (18+ ).
Extras. Information: The Extra folder lies several collectionsToranoana released, but not related to Girls Collection.
In this distribution, there is no Toranoana Girls Collection 2013 Summer Type-b. I will be grateful if anyone knows where you can get it.
Torrent updated on March 15. All the previously downloaded, please throw.