Bernd and the Mystery of UnterelterBach / Bernd and the Secret of Unterethterbach (Full \u0026 1-9 EP) [unken] [2013, Vn, ADV, DFC, Ahegao, Group, Harem, Supernatural, Gamerip] [ENG] [Download] [Download]

Bernd and the Mystery of Unterterbach / Bernd und Das R \u0026#228; Tsel UM UnterelterBach / Bernd and the Secret of UNTERELTERBAH
Release year: 2013
Genre: Vn, AdV, Ahegao, Group, Harem, Supernatural
Series: Full \u0026 1-9 EP
Duration: 34 min
Censorship: no
Language: English
voice acting: original
author of the original: berndsoft
Description: History dates back to modern Bavaria.
24-year-old recluse Bernd Lowert begins a new life in a small mountain town of Untherterbach. There he began to work in the local police station, taking part in the investigation of the case of a group of sexual maniacs. However, of course, not all that it seems, and soon Bernd discovers itself in a deep water release of incredible events.
additional. Information: the recording was made for telegrams of the channel T.ME/OTOMO_REAX123-0 video: Gamerip
Video resolution: 480p
Change in video resolution: Resolution reduced (Downcale)
Format Video: MKV
Video: MPEG4 Video (h264) 854×480 25fps [V: H264 Constrained Baseline L4.2, YUV420P, 854X480
Audio: AAC 44100hz Steereo [a: aac LC, 44100 HZ, Steereo