[COMIX] HER NIGHT – A WOMAN’S FANTASY / her night – Women’s fantasy (H2O2, Chola, 2016) [ALL SEX] [jpg] [ENG]

Her Night – A Woman’s Fantasy / Her Night – Women’s Fantasy
Author: H2O2, Chola
ISBN: 979-10-96039-12-8
Distribution type: COMIX
Genre: All Sex [123 ] Language: English
Page Resolution: 1920×2574
Number of pages: 46
Format: JPG
Description: This Poll Showed That Women Are AS Driven by Fantasies As Men Are, More than 95% Of the Women Respondents SAID THAT THEY WERE RELYING ON Playing Erotic Scenarios In Their Heads to Stimulate Their Desire. For Most Sex Therapists, This ability to conjure Such Words and Images ARE EXTREMELY USEFUL TO DEVELOPING A RICH AND SATISFYING LOVING RELATIONSHIP.
Chola, The Artist, A Young Woman From Deep Would Play The Following Game : Develop A Story That Would Provide a Safe Stage for the Kind of FemaleFantasies That Were Often Put Forward In The Existing Studies That Had Been Published in The General Media. /
This survey showed that women are also moving fantasies, like men, more than 95% of female respondents stated that they relied on reproducing erotic scenarios in their head to stimulate their desire. For most sexopathologists, this ability to cause such words and images is extremely useful for the development of rich and satisfying love relationships.
Artist Chola, a young woman from the depths of China and I decided to play the following game: Develop a story that will ensure a safe scene for female fantasies, Which often advanced in existing studies that were published in the media.