Cosmobreeder yiffai [Inprogress, 0.2.5] (Harmarist / Kemoshoco) [unken] [2022, Action, ADV, Platformer, Furry, Yiff, Anal, Oral, Gay, Straight] [Eng]

Cosmobreeder yiffai
year of release: 2022
genre: Action, Adv, Platformer, Furry, Yiff, Ana, Oral, Gay, Straight
Censorship: Harmarist / Kemoshoco
Platform: PC/Windows/Wine (Java)
type of publication: in the development of
tablet: not required
version: 0.2.5
Language of the game (plot): English
Language of interface: English: English: English
Oojacking language: no
System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows 7 SP1
HDD: 200MB
Description: in the Age of Faster Light Travel and Advanced Cyber-Robotics, Brave Heroes Known as Cosmobreeders Explore Unknown Worlds and Collect Valuable Biodata from Alien Creatures. As a lone cosmobreeder on a rescue mission, you’ve been shot down over the mysterious planet Tutone and left with nary a scrap of clothing…
Keep your wits about you and your Lighttazer close at hand as you explore ancient service Tunnels and Dark Forests. Recover Your Stolen Equipment and Acquire Alien Artifacts to Unlock New Abilities. Tame The Local Fauna and Breed with Them for Their Biodata. Discover thesreabouts of your Fellow Cosmobreeders and Witness The Lewd Details of their Captivity Firsthand! Information: stylized for games of the 80s.
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